Wrinkles correction

Wrinkles are the result of aging of the skin. They are most prominent in areas involved in facial expression and are deepened by exposure to sunlight, smoking, dehydration, certain drugs and other factors. Although a few wrinkles give a touch of uniqueness to the face and contribute to expressing the emotions, other lines of the face transmit negative emotions when this is not necessary. Most of the people who require medical treatment for wrinkles wish to reflect the external image of their inner beauty – they don’t want to be perceived as being tired, angry or bored when they are balanced and happy.

Wrinkle therapy includes changes in behavior, such as stopping smoking, proper diet and adequate hydration, protection from sunlight, and the use of topical pharmaceutical creams. You can observe immediate results after the face lift intervention or after the filling procedure of wrinkles or the weakening of muscles which caused them.

Wrinkle fillers are suitable for active, healthy people who have fine lines. Wrinkles on the forehead and glabella (the area above the nose) blur really well after filling. Also, wrinkles on the external side of the eye, the corner of the mouth and at the level of the neck respond well to this type of treatment.

During the examination you will have the opportunity to tell which are the wrinkles you wish to blur and what is the expression you wish to have. The advantages of each type of filler and the cost of each procedure will be explained. The price depends of the type of substance used and the amount required. You will have the opportunity to correct your wrinkles in the same session. Hospitalization is not required. Aspirin and drugs which affect blood clotting should be stopped several days before surgery. The procedure consists of administrating small injections in the mimic muscles. Wrinkles are diminished because the procedure reduces significantly the active muscles. The whole procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. After the therapy is finished, you can continue your activity without interruption.

The results are obvious after 2-3 days. People who suffer from chronic headaches can have an improvement from these symptoms. Improvement last between 4-6 months. In order to maintain the desired effects after this period, it’s necessary to repeat the injections.

More details about the intervention and post surgery recommendation will be provided at the consultation.

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