Genital surgery – Labiaplasty (Labia reduction)

The genital area of a woman has a strong impact on the quality of her life, thanks to the influence it has on her identity and because it has numerous important functions. Therefore, the aim of every surgeon is to create a proper form and function.

“Lips” are folds of skin which surrounds the structure of the vulva. The larger external labia is called the major labia and the fold of skin inside is called the minor labia. Labiaplasty is a surgical intervention which transforms the appearance of the labia. During the intervention the internal labia is remodeled. Women seeking this intervention have asymmetrical labia, large, which causes embarrassment, pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Some people may have childhood complaints, but most problems occur after pregnancy. In individual cases, there are tumors which are formed in the genital area. In such cases, labiaplasty is applied to the small tumors, which are more frequently associated with other interventions.

The purpose of the examination is to evaluate the dimension of the labia and its flaw, the affected tissue, the quality and the type of the skin, the deformation and the local pain. You will be advised about diet and certain drugs before surgery.

There is not standard technique for a labiaplasty because of the numerous features that every woman has. Local anesthesia with sedation is the most frequently chosen option. The scale of the intervention depends on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed. The line of the incision is closed with fine sutures and covered with a dressing. Dr. Fodor will explain how local care must be performed.

Once you’re back home, it’s recommended to take short walks and rest as much as possible. A few days after the surgery you can engage in moderate physical activities. Sexual intercourse should be avoided for a period of approximately 5 weeks.

More details about the intervention and post surgery recommendation will be given at the consultation.

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