Calf implants

This type of surgical procedure is addressed to patients who want to improve the appearance of their calves by filling. Patients who appeal for this surgery have thin legs or an asymmetry (either constitutional or after an illness or injury). Calf implants are made of medical silicone, the same as breast implants. They can have an elliptical or anatomical form.

There are different types of implants but the best one is chosen after calf measurements. The implants are placed most commonly in the internal area of the calves, performed through an incision behind the knee. In some cases, implants can be inserted on the outside area of the leg. Incisions are placed in the folds so they are hardly noticeable. The procedure is performed under general or spinal anesthesia and hospitalization is one day.

After surgery, special socks must be worn for 4-6 weeks to help maintaining the position of the implants. Walks are allowed from the second day, gradually increasing the distance. The edema from the level of the calves gradually reduces and the new shape becomes visible. More information about this procedure and the recovery will be provided at the examination after your leg is measured and evaluated.

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