Breast augmentation with silicone implant

Breast augmentation procedure is one of the most requested plastic surgeries. More than 2 million American women had breast augmentation (breast augmentation). A woman’s chest plays a significant role in defining her identity. Even though it may influence the search for a partner, perhaps more important is the impact it has on her self-image and her self-confidence. Therefore, it’s essential for a woman to be pleased with her breasts.

The intervention for breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that allows the increase of the breasts with the help of implants. The motivation canbeof an esthetical nature or it can be reconstruction of the breasts after a mastectomy or any other deformity. In the esthetic arguments is included breast augmentation because the patient is unhappy with the current size of her chest, or with chest shape changes that occurred after pregnancy, breast feeding or weight loss, leaving a significant asymmetry between the two breasts.

Studies made on a large scale of the population of US and Canada proves that breast augmentation with the help of silicone does not raise the risk of breast cancer.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation?

  • I am healthy and I wish to improve my image by increasing my breasts.
  • I lost weight and my breasts are flattened and lowered.
  • With the passing of time my breasts have become less elastic and lowered.
  • There is a significant difference between the two breasts (one is bigger than the other).
  • The breasts/my breasts suffered an intervention and I would like them to have the beautiful shape they once had.

Doctor’s examination

During the examination, you will have the opportunity to describe to the doctor the way you wish your breasts to look. The procedure of breast augmentation enhances the beauty of a person and draws a sensual, smooth line. However, the surgery doesn’t change your identity, personal value, or the way other people behave, and doesn’t suddenly attract the ideal partner. It is recommended to bring along the receipts or discharge paper from the hospital if you had previous breast interventions. During the examination,a few important factors will be examined, such as shape, size, and consistency of the breast, the distance between mammary areola and mammary fold, skin texture and quality.

Even though there are two types of breast implants, saline serum and silicone, large scale studies have proved the benefits and the increased safety of the latter. Dr. Lucian Fodor will explain to you in detail the benefits of the type of implant which is best for you. Together you will decide on the size, shape and profile of the breasts.

Before breast augmentation surgery

A few days before the surgery, you will stop taking the medications which affect blood clotting, aspirin, and certain anti-inflammatory drugs. In some cases the doctor will recommend performing a few investigations before the surgery, such as mammography,in addition to the usual blood exams. Of course,you will get an explanation for this investigation, and you will receive customized advice referring to your diet for the day before surgery.

The breast augmentation surgery

The surgery can be carried out with local anesthesia with a sedative or with general anesthesia. In the second case, an anesthesiologist will monitor and supervise the intervention. The length of the intervention is approximately one hour but this can vary pending on the complexity of the case, if there is an intervention on both breasts and if it is associated with another procedure, such as breast lift.

There are three main types of incisions: under the breasts, around the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple), and at the level of axilla. In the subjacent tissues,a “pocket” will be created for the implant. The implant is inserted above or below the pectoral muscle and is centered behind the nipple. By the time of the surgery you will have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of all the localizations and you will have decided upon the most suitable approach for you. The line of incision is closed with fine sutures that dissolve in time and do not need to be removed.

After surgery

In the first 24 hours after surgery you may feel tired and a stiffness in the area of the incision. Medications will be prescribed for your convenience. It’s important to rest and to avoid intense effort in the upper body, and it’s forbidden to lift or push heavy things. Be compassionate and gentle with yourself during this time. The first day you will have a bandage around your breasts, which will be replaced by a surgical bra. Most likely you will notice immediately after the surgery color modifications and edema, but these will vanish gradually and constantly. You will receive guidance for local care and physical exercise. Please follow all the instructions you receive.
You will receive more details about the intervention and recommendations for after the surgery during the examination.

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