Dr. Lucian Fodor

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" ... I felt that he is giving his best, he gave me something from the begining, I don't know, simply I felt that he is the one who must do this intervention. [...] It was the best decision ever I made and I recommend Dr. Lucian Fodor warmly!!!"



"My boy was operated by Dr. Lucian Fodor, specialist in plastic surgery at Clinica Chirurgie I, and I recommend it sincerlly"



"Hi, 6 months before I was operated by Dr. Lucian Fodor, and I recommend him warmly. He is a real artist, an exceptional surgeon. After a week from operation I saw my my new nose and I was in tears of joy, I couldn't believe that is mine. It was a radical change that I never dreamed of. I expected a little change, but I didn't believe in miracles. In mz opinion he is the best surgeon from Romania, whitout exaggeration, taking in cout his international experience. Before the surgery I read a lot about and I visited sites about esthetic surgery, I saw the results of otther surgeons, but the only one who convinced me was Dr Fodor, who is doing an excellent nose job.. To be honest, at the begining I was a littlke worried about this intervention, and some bad experiences I read in forums made me fall back every time, I tought it is a major risk to take and maybe I won't be satisfied with the results, but as I had complexes since childhood, I decided to try this and now I am very-very happy. Thank you form all of my heart Dr. Fodor!"



Esthetic surgery interventions

In recent years, the domain of esthetic surgery experienced a significant technological and conceptual evolution. Conceptual changes have led to major changes in terms of surgical approaches and technological changes, including the use of minimally invasive procedures.

The fact that plastic surgery techniques have evolved so much, and that surgeons now have an extremely wide range of tools and technologies at hand, transforms surgical procedures results into real works of art created with the greatest finesse.

breast augmentation

Breast implants

Breast augmentation with silicone implants

rhinoplasty nose job


Functional and esthetic improvement of nose

face lift

Face lift

Facial rejuvenation using cosmetic surgery

breast lift mastopexy

Breast lift

Lifting of breast after aging or after birth

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