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The hymen is the mucous membrane that covers partially or entirely the external orifice of the vagina. Although there are many variations of shape and extent of the hymen, this is considered to be a sign of virginity. However, examining the hymen can’t confirm with certainty if a woman is a virgin. The membrane does not have a function in the female genital area. The importance of the hymen is mainly due to social values.

Hymenoplasty is a surgery of reconstruction or creation of the hymen where this can’t be found. Following the hymen repair, the woman will bleed during sexual intercourse. There are several surgical procedures designed to repair the hymen. Most times, absorbable sutures are used for the comfort of the patient. The first technique consists in suturing a pre-existing hymen. This is done shortly after sexual intercourse (this facilitates the healing after an assault). In the second technique, a vaginal flap is used. The newly created hymen is irrigated with blood. Women are advised to postpone sexual intercourse for a period of at least two months after the procedure.

These interventions are performed quickly and take between 1-2 hours. They are mostly commonly performed under local anesthesia with sedation.
More details about the intervention and post surgery recommendation will be provided at the consultation.

Esthetic surgery interventions

In recent years, the domain of esthetic surgery experienced a significant technological and conceptual evolution. Conceptual changes have led to major changes in terms of surgical approaches and technological changes, including the use of minimally invasive procedures.

The fact that plastic surgery techniques have evolved so much, and that surgeons now have an extremely wide range of tools and technologies at hand, transforms surgical procedures results into real works of art created with the greatest finesse.

breast augmentation

Breast implants

Breast augmentation with silicone implants

rhinoplasty nose job


Functional and esthetic improvement of nose

face lift

Face lift

Facial rejuvenation using cosmetic surgery

breast lift mastopexy

Breast lift

Lifting of breast after aging or after birth

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